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Top tip to keep car seats clean

Apologies, this is a “blah blah look at this great idea I stole” post.

I saw one of those videos with 20 ideas of simplifying your life using a glue gun and some really specific item you have lying around. You know, like creating a sink tidy for your sponge with a suction cup and a napkin holder with a specific intricate design with holes in the side. I mean, seriously, who even has a napkin holder just lying around their kitchen? Not me!

For once though, there was a neat idea which didn’t require serendipitous ownership or necessary purchasing of some random unusual item. This one showed how to protect your car seats from kids feet using cot sheets.

With two muddy boys, one prone to rugby, and a proper new car (well monster truck but close enough) this seemed an excellent plan. I’m a hoarder, so I went digging in the bags of baby stuff and pulled out a moses basket sheet and a cot bed sheet. The truck’s back seats don’t fold but they lift up for access to cubbies underneath, with a 1/3 to 2/3 split.

This is totally genius! Lift the 1/3 seat and stretch the moses basket sheet over. Then left the 2/3 seat and pull on the cot bed sheet. I’m sure for a non-split seat a toddler bed sheet would do.

I did this last June and I’ve taken them off and washed them a few times – just shows how much dirt is hidden on black seats. The mud hasn’t come out properly with the last wash but never mind.

Ta daaa!

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