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7 things I miss about running

Running is not going well lately. Oh so many things just aren't right. The origin of my current struggles is injury-related. Basically, I did too much in RED January I think. But even that was on the back of a rather disappointing 2022 of running (especially in comparison with 2021). However, as I try to… Continue reading 7 things I miss about running

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What does a rugby mum need?

Yeah, so this probably doesn't only apply to rugby mums. I'm sure football mums and all sorts of other winter outdoor sports parents need the same sort of stuff too. After four years of standing on the side lines on a Sunday morning, I've got preparing to watch the boys train or play rugby down… Continue reading What does a rugby mum need?

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RED January 2023 Review

Well RED January is over again. I quite like to look back and reflect on how I coped and what I achieved. My efforts DateDistanceTimeNotes1 Jan 20235.10km30.03minGot wet, felt good2 Jan 20235.74km33.48minNew shoes rubbed3 Jan 20233.25km20.07minRain started half way round, got wet4 Jan 20233.66km23.49minBleugh5 Jan 20233.29km20.57minLess bleugh6 Jan 202311.01km1h09.37minMassive puddle avoidance7 Jan 20233.26km19.29minNew shoes better,… Continue reading RED January 2023 Review

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Plank Challenge Time

I've come back from holiday (did I mention we went on holiday? we left the country and everything! I mighthavebeengoingon aboutthata bit, sorry) having eaten all the cheese and ice cream and chocolate. This means that running is hard again (because I only did a tiny bit while away, despite my best intentions) and my… Continue reading Plank Challenge Time

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5 Reasons not to go running

I recently wrote a post about 6 reasons to get into running. The lovely One Dot Short of a Smarties Box pointed out that I made it sound like "those of us in the latter category have some puzzling glitch that needs to be fixed". Sorry! So here's a list of reasons not to go… Continue reading 5 Reasons not to go running

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6 Reasons to Get into Running

I was out running and thinking about why I run, about why other people run and why they might not want to. If you're in that last category, maybe these reasons will inspire you. 1. Outrun others when the zombie apocalypse comes Or outrun any other disaster. Indeed, I have a couple of tee shirts… Continue reading 6 Reasons to Get into Running

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Outdoors etiquette

Some of the content in this post was originally published in April 2020, Lockdown exercise etiquette. Back then I was a learner runner, but already I'd noticed some strange behaviour when sharing roads and footpaths with other people. Since then I've had innumerable negative encounters as well as many positive ones. The UK highway code… Continue reading Outdoors etiquette

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You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part III

I might have mentioned it before, maybe more than once? (see Part I and Part II) I have the running bug. It's gone from a minor ailment, to a chronic condition and is now really quite serious. On top of all the previous symptoms, here are some more. 1. You read What I Talk About… Continue reading You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part III