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5 Reasons not to go running

I recently wrote a post about 6 reasons to get into running. The lovely One Dot Short of a Smarties Box pointed out that I made it sound like "those of us in the latter category have some puzzling glitch that needs to be fixed". Sorry! So here's a list of reasons not to go… Continue reading 5 Reasons not to go running

home working set up, two monitors, laptop, printer, lots of mess, water bottle and jumper
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Exciting and much scarier

Last year, I wrote a series of posts about an exciting and scary mentoring opportunity at work. That came to an end in February, eventually unproductive but very interesting. Then, just over a month ago, something much scarier happened. The beginning It started with an email from the HR training lead for Europe. Now, emails… Continue reading Exciting and much scarier

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Another year passed

Here we are again, June 17th. This was the date in 2019 that boy3 was scheduled to be born by caesarean section. So even though it's four and a half months after his actual birthday, today remains an unforgettable date for us. We've just made it through another holiday where we seemed to be surrounded… Continue reading Another year passed

LMP1 car through the pit straight at night at Le Mans
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Le Mans 24 Hours 2022: Our Picks

The Le Mans 24 hours race takes place at the Circuit de la Sarthe this weekend (11-12 June 2022). The experience watching from home is rather odd - no crowds, no smoke from the campsite barbecues wafting around, and of course the whole atmosphere is missing. We managed to get invested in 2020 and last… Continue reading Le Mans 24 Hours 2022: Our Picks