Blokus and Hot Wires
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Review: Our Kids’ Best Christmas Gifts

As usual the boys got plenty of interesting gifts for Christmas and large boy's birthday. Rather than telling anyone what we thought of them straight away, I decided to wait until we'd played with them for a while and then do some reviews. Blokus Small boy got Blokus for Christmas from himself's sister (purchased from… Continue reading Review: Our Kids’ Best Christmas Gifts

a week in pictures
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Staying home, staying safe – week 5

This is a little diary of our fifth week in social isolation, home learning, and with both himself and me working from home. See what happened in week 4. Monday Right well, back at it then I suppose. Awake early in anticipation so at our desks in very good time. Our first week with actual… Continue reading Staying home, staying safe – week 5

DIY volcano
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Review: Make your own volcanic eruptions

Someone bought large boy a Make your own volcanic eruptions set for his birthday in December. Aware that it was likely to be messy we had been deliberately putting if off. With the nicer weather, Easter holidays and home confinement, now seemed the perfect time to try it. I unpacked things and read the instructions.… Continue reading Review: Make your own volcanic eruptions

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Home learning resources

I'm putting this list here for my reference as much as for anyone else to use. I made it from stuff I've seen on Facebook and Twitter this week, plus some zoology things recommended by a colleague. These are all resources that we haven't had from school already. Anyway, these might be useful links to… Continue reading Home learning resources

computer aided keychain design
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Science Week 2: year 6 computer modeling

The week of 9th March 2020 is Science Week in the UK. A few weeks ago my sons' school asked if any parents could help run science sessions. I am a signed up official STEM ambassador so I replied that I'd love to. A few months ago someone I know at work (a big software… Continue reading Science Week 2: year 6 computer modeling

Night Sky box
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Review: Science Museum Create a Night Sky

Large boy received a projector creation kit for his birthday, it's a Science Museum kit and you can get it on Amazon: Create a Night Sky. He's in the process of going from Beavers to Cubs and they've been doing lots about planets and stars over the last few weeks. With Storm Ciara blowing around… Continue reading Review: Science Museum Create a Night Sky

oil and coloured water in jars
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STEM: science with Beavers – part 2

After my first STEM session with Beavers (see STEM: science with Beavers) a couple of weeks ago it's time for part 2. Just the one activity this time, we talked about experimental methodology a bit more and then investigated what happens when you add water to oil, try to mix them and then did some… Continue reading STEM: science with Beavers – part 2

acids and bases, pH paper measurements
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STEM: science with Beavers

I'm a ex-chemist so science is very near to my heart. I joined the STEM ambassador scheme through work and got my DBS check completed this summer. I was also a Brownie, Guide and Young Leader in my school days. Large boy joined Beavers about 18 months ago and is coming to the end of… Continue reading STEM: science with Beavers