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RED January 2023 Review

Well RED January is over again. I quite like to look back and reflect on how I coped and what I achieved. My efforts DateDistanceTimeNotes1 Jan 20235.10km30.03minGot wet, felt good2 Jan 20235.74km33.48minNew shoes rubbed3 Jan 20233.25km20.07minRain started half way round, got wet4 Jan 20233.66km23.49minBleugh5 Jan 20233.29km20.57minLess bleugh6 Jan 202311.01km1h09.37minMassive puddle avoidance7 Jan 20233.26km19.29minNew shoes better,… Continue reading RED January 2023 Review

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Fog of Grief

Yesterday (31 January 2023) marked four years since baby boy3 made an unexpected and far too early exit from my body. I'm not someone who dwells or wallows in the grief I feel for his loss. I acknowledge it, I'm honest about it with myself and with others. I don't shy away from talking about… Continue reading Fog of Grief

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Another year passed

Here we are again, June 17th. This was the date in 2019 that boy3 was scheduled to be born by caesarean section. So even though it's four and a half months after his actual birthday, today remains an unforgettable date for us. We've just made it through another holiday where we seemed to be surrounded… Continue reading Another year passed

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Lessons in Loss 18: Miscarriage (Three Years On)

Molly is one of my absolute favourite bloggers. Her blog is Lovely Local Indie, with a focus on food, days out and places to stay in and around Derbyshire, UK. She's quite local to me so there's always something for me to store away for use one day. The boys are particularly excited to visit… Continue reading Lessons in Loss 18: Miscarriage (Three Years On)

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BLAW: What does coping look like?

I'll be honest, not much has changed for me in terms of my reaction to Baby Loss Awareness week since last year. I'm not going to be active on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram talking about miscarriage and baby loss. All I want to say on social media is that I don't want to....… Continue reading BLAW: What does coping look like?

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Any advice for entering a new phase?

I can't even figure out what to call this post, I'll come back to it. [I came back to it and titled it with my final thought.] So I started my blog a bit over two years ago, to have an outlet for my thoughts and feelings that I'm not comfortable sharing in real life.… Continue reading Any advice for entering a new phase?

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Not a birthday

Well, I faced it again. 17th June wasn't baby boy3's birthday and I made it through. No toddler joyfully screaming, running amok, smearing cake everywhere, overtired and spoiled by their family and friends. No midnight wake ups or relief at sleeping through. No teething drool, no funny ways of saying new words. No adjustments to… Continue reading Not a birthday