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What I want from 2020

I saw this great post by What Hannah Wrote: 20 Goals for 2020 (find her at @whathannahwrote) where she talks about goals, not resolutions. That got me thinking about what I want from this year.

I don’t have specific resolutions either. I’m not giving up meat, or alcohol, or petrol. I’d like to commit to contributing more to the community or the LibDems, but I’ll be realistic about those things and stay quiet.

Me and Himself

I don’t ask for much this year. The classic health and well being doesn’t seem much to ask. But after the horrors of 2019, no hospital stays or tragedies will keep me happy.

I want to keep running, but if I don’t manage to maintain the momentum and motivation I’ve got right now I won’t be cross. I just want to be fitter and keep up with my parents!

I want himself to be healthier, his eczema has been driving him nuts for a while now and I want him to be comfortable again. I’d love us to have some days off on our own – I’m trying to persuade him to ask for flexible working and do 20 days in 19. A date day once a month would be lovely. We almost never manage nights out because family aren’t on hand to baby sit and sitters are so expensive here.

The one practical thing I’m trying to do is to buy food and other supplies for our local store cupboard charity. I’ve said it before; if the government won’t tax us to support the needy, I’ll tax myself.


There are some left over jobs to do at home. Small boy’s bedroom needs redecorating (it’s a terrible job and he’d peeled some wall paper when he was 2), the theoretical walk-in wardrobe in our room needs fitting out. At the moment it’s a dumping ground with piles of clothes and washing baskets and bed sheets everywhere, just a cheapy steel frame rack hanging our clothes. We’ve had quotes for both (himself is not allowed to do DIY, he’s like daddy pig), but haven’t got round to it yet.

I want to make marmalade and grow veggies. Jam and gin in the autumn. I’m out of mincemeat too, so I’ll have to collect jars all year to have enough.

Most of all I hope we have some lovely holidays. We haven’t got anything booked yet, just some ideas.


It’s appraisal time at the moment and I know my new boss is going to ask me what I want. I have no idea!

I mostly like my job as it is, lightening the load would allow me to do some things with more depth rather than neglecting them and feeling like I let people down. But it’s so hard to choose what to stop doing! Or who to hand over to.

I want to achieve some specific practical implementation things. There are new challenges around around corner and it looks like I’ll be at the bleeding edge – establishing standards would be quite nice.

I want to work with my new boss to help our colleagues be more successful. Another promotion is too much to hope for as I had one last year and there’s lots of progress to make before the next.


It’s a year full of promise for the boys. But all I want for them is to keep doing what they’re doing.

Small boy is in reception, learning to read and make friends, be independent. So long as he’s happy, well behaved and kind, I can’t ask for more. He’ll doubtless surprise us with new skills and information learned.

Large boy is in year three, loves his academic stuff and has a fab group of close friends. I hope he sticks at his rugby as it gives him the opportunity to turn off his brain from words and numbers. He’s starting Cubs next week and I really hope he enjoys it. I loved guiding and he’s really thrived at Beavers.

… and that’s it

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