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Getting political: a letter to my MP

Dear MP I've written to you several times before in recent months to express my disappointment with the process of handling the outcome of the 2016 referendum.Today though, things have gone too far. Our PM, unelected by the general population, has removed the opportunity for parliament to enforce it's will on the matter of a… Continue reading Getting political: a letter to my MP

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What Does Summer Mean?

Saw this from Laura's Lovely Blog (https://www.laurasummers.co.uk/2019/08/26/what-summer-means-to-me-summer-tag/) and Bubba Blue and Me (https://bubbablueandme.com/2019/07/what-summer-means-to-me-summer-tag/) who I follow on Twitter. Seems like a fun idea. Do you like summer? Summer in itself I love. But I think it's the idea of summer that appeals. The reality is that I work and miss the nice weather days. I… Continue reading What Does Summer Mean?

Home made pommes de terre Sarladais
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Making stuff 2: An Attempt at Replicating Holiday Food

One of the yummiest things we ate on holiday this year was pommes de terre Sarladais. They're amazing. Starch which is a good start. Waxy potatoes slow cooked and melt in the mouth, almost translucent. I decided to have a try myself. I thought they'd go well with Nigella's tarragon chicken. I found a recipe… Continue reading Making stuff 2: An Attempt at Replicating Holiday Food

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There was a question on my Twitter feed a couple of weeks ago, about real women who inspire. I've got three big ones, and many others. They are very ordinary unsurprising choices but nevertheless they're amazing, everyday, normal women that I admire. I think it's just as important, if not more so, to recognise our… Continue reading Inspirational


Holiday 2019 D16

Another dreadful night; too hot, too cold, sore knees, brain whirring, awake since 4.20am and just dozed since then. Alarm at 7am, showers and breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and himself went to fetch the car as it was raining. However, he came back quickly to say the car had been broken into.… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D16