Home made pommes de terre Sarladais
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Making stuff 2: An Attempt at Replicating Holiday Food

One of the yummiest things we ate on holiday this year was pommes de terre Sarladais. They're amazing. Starch which is a good start. Waxy potatoes slow cooked and melt in the mouth, almost translucent. I decided to have a try myself. I thought they'd go well with Nigella's tarragon chicken. I found a recipe… Continue reading Making stuff 2: An Attempt at Replicating Holiday Food

Holding small boy's hand
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Holiday 2019 D12

Small boy woke up a bit earlier this morning - a fly in his room apparently. He was persuaded back to bed with remarkable ease and eventually we got up at 8.30am. I took the boys to get bread, croissants and pain au chocolats. It was a bit chilly so fleecy (£4 bargain H&M) dinosaur… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D12

Nutella waffles

Holiday 2019 D11

Quarter to 9, everyone else is still asleep. I woke an hour ago with work on my mind. Apparently 10 days is my limit, so I was wondering what's going on with my work wife. Then remembered how pissed off I am with a colleague for withholding information. It's that bloody work addiction again. Can't… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D11

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Holiday 2019 D8

The boys broke the record and slept in til just before 9am. I got up and went for a run. Again! Only 2km in 15mins but did a couple of sprints and it felt good. Got back and they're eating breakfast. Well large boy and himself are eating, small is procrastinating as usual. Himself also… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D8

portable football goal
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Holiday 2019 D7

There is something strange and highly suspicious going on. Its quarter to 9 and no child has yet appeared. No, wait, there's one now. Still, holiday lie in record has been set. Having arrived at a new campsite yesterday we needed to replenish supplies, so off to Le Clerc we went. More money thrown at… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D7