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Pre-Christmas school-related grumpiness

Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have noticed a long rant about a school event and the totally dire communication about it from school and the PTA. But it's not just the official communication, it's also the attitude of some of the PTA. They assume that we can read between the lines and guess… Continue reading Pre-Christmas school-related grumpiness

Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you It was a huge surprise to have my blog nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, I didn't know anyone was really reading this let alone enjoying what I write. Thank you so much My Forty Something Life for the nomination (and for setting my homework to write this post!). My Sunshine Blogger post The… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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Effort rewarded

Large boy has been in Beavers for almost two years. Honestly, it's had a great effect on him. He's gained huge self confidence from being involved in activities away from parents and away from school. As a result, he's more confident with his class mates (especially good after he had some bumps on the road… Continue reading Effort rewarded

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Gentleness in surprising places

Today I was surprised. It was the result of my own biases and stereotypes and I hope I will learn to be more aware of my potential to make assumptions about people as a result. Joiners Sounds a bit of a random jump to make, right? Hear me out its not that complicated really. Today… Continue reading Gentleness in surprising places

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Handling possibly-bullying

Bit of a parental pride one today. I was scrolling through Facebook on Sunday and came across this: I showed it to large boy see what he though and got a non-committal nod for my trouble. However, he must have been paying attention because yesterday had came out of after school club and as soon… Continue reading Handling possibly-bullying

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Remembrance Day

This last week I've seen a bunch of posts, profile decorations, photos about Remembrance day with Union Jacks and St George's crosses. So I want to say something about that. Remembrance is about taking time to consider the sacrifices made during war. Primarily we think of the armed forces and those who died, but also… Continue reading Remembrance Day