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Kindle and mug of tea sitting in the sun

June 2022 Reading

I do a monthly round up for everything we’ve read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he’s not getting a section – books only! Large boy Dragon Mountain, Dragon Legend, and Dragon City by Katie Tsang Oh this boy does love a series. He sped through all these ones… Continue reading June 2022 Reading

Small boy is 7

It’s time to look back again and wonder, baffled, how small boy has arrived at another birthday. It was the same last year and the year before. The years seems to be flying past, it feels like no time since he was the baby who would only sleep wrapped in a fleecy blanket in my… Continue reading Small boy is 7

Another year passed

Here we are again, June 17th. This was the date in 2019 that boy3 was scheduled to be born by caesarean section. So even though it’s four and a half months after his actual birthday, today remains an unforgettable date for us. We’ve just made it through another holiday where we seemed to be surrounded… Continue reading Another year passed

My Garden 2022

I love growing veggies. I’ll never forget the first year that I grew 5 courgette plants in a sun blessed garden and a friend gave me 8 tomato plants. Himself took a long time to come back round to considering courgettes acceptable on his plate after 3 months of me sneaking them into almost every… Continue reading My Garden 2022

No post today

We’re on holiday. It’s beautiful and hot and we’re having a lovely time, so there’s no post today. Probably not on Friday either. Also because I need to write a guest post for TBC. Normal service will be resumed next week. Have fun everyone. Xxx

Kindle and mug of tea sitting in the sun

May 2022 Reading

I do a monthly round up for everything we’ve read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he’s not getting a section – books only! Note: terrible light weight reviews this month, sorry. Large boy Against All Gods by Maz Evans Large boy was very pleased to find this at… Continue reading May 2022 Reading

End of an era

Well that’s it. Large boy has had his last meeting at Cubs. It’s been a strange experience for him (not that he realises this). He joined in February 2020, made his promise and promptly went into lockdown. Our Cubs pack didn’t do anything virtually for a long time, then they took part in weekly Zoom… Continue reading End of an era

Kindle and mug of tea sitting in the sun

Kids TBR piles

We do a monthly reading round up, but what’s in the kids’ TBR piles at the moment? Bearing in mind that some of the books in these piles have been there for quite a while, there still quite tall. Mine is less substantial and, besides, mostly on my Kindle. There’s no pretending we aren’t all… Continue reading Kids TBR piles

Year 2 SATs

Small boy, mainly obliviously, is doing his year 2 SATs at the moment. I’m rather sad for him. Not because of the testing, not because he doesn’t enjoy them. But because he’s only “mainly oblivious”. When large boy did his, we didn’t even have any idea. School made so little fuss about it that the… Continue reading Year 2 SATs

My running playlist 2

I haven’t blogged about running for a while. There’s a reason for that, as I’ve mentioned on my Instagram feed lately. #smellysockscantrunanymore I had a dreadful cold in February – himself had COVID, I was testing daily and negative throughout. One false negative I might understand, but not 7 in a row while I felt… Continue reading My running playlist 2

home working set up, two monitors, laptop, printer, lots of mess, water bottle and jumper

I’m going to work

Not that interesting? Well, I’m actually going to work at work. In the office. In Cambridge, 150+ miles away. For the first time since November 2019! (I think, I can’t really remember) I’m both excited and kind of anxious. I can’t wait to see everyone, and the drive doesn’t worry me. But, I have no… Continue reading I’m going to work

Snatched moments

Snatched moments A few minutes of company Pleasure in easy companionship Mundane chatter about nothing Twenty minutes of a return to before Being friends is no longer an everyday pastime Long lunches distant memories Yoga classes no more Because Children change everything And, most days, it’s a fair exchange I managed a short lunchtime walk… Continue reading Snatched moments

7.30am on a Sunday

Seriously, who voluntarily sets their alarm for 7.30am on Sunday morning? And why? Sleep Surely it’s just not a sensible move. I mean, once upon a time anything before 10am on the weekend was “early”. Then kids happened and now any and all sleep is precious. Even six and three quarter years since small boy… Continue reading 7.30am on a Sunday

Taking an Easter Break

We’re off for a little UK holiday for the next week, so I’m going to take a break from the blog to enjoy some fabulous adventures with the family. Wishing everyone a lovely chocolate holiday full of eggs and fluffy bunnies and free of vomiting, over-chocolate-filled children.

Kindle and mug of tea sitting in the sun

March 2022 Reading

I do a monthly round up for everything we’ve read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he’s not getting a section – books only! Large boy The Finisher by David Baldacci It was about somebody who lived in a village surrounded by darkness filled with monsters, before TVs were… Continue reading March 2022 Reading


I’m having one of those days or weeks where there are just too many things going on. I knew what I was going to write a post about, but here I am at 5.30pm the day before publishing and I haven’t started it. I refuse to let the blog be one more pressure on me.… Continue reading Overwhelmed

Springtime 2022

I’m totally loving this beautiful weather lately. OK so it’s still pretty cold in the morning, with a bit of frost, but the blue skies and sunshine are making me happy. So I wanted to share some pictures I’ve taken out and about recently. What are you looking forward to as the days get warmer… Continue reading Springtime 2022

The smelly socks family's feet

Outdoors etiquette

Some of the content in this post was originally published in April 2020, Lockdown exercise etiquette. Back then I was a learner runner, but already I’d noticed some strange behaviour when sharing roads and footpaths with other people. Since then I’ve had innumerable negative encounters as well as many positive ones. The UK highway code… Continue reading Outdoors etiquette

Kindle and mug of tea sitting in the sun

February 2022 Reading

I do a monthly round up for everything we’ve read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he’s not getting a section – books only! Large boy The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan “I really enjoyed this of course, it’s Rick Riordan what do you expect?” Yep and it’s Thursday… Continue reading February 2022 Reading

beautiful sunlit trees at Delamere Forest

Getting by

So I have about four half-written blog posts and several ideas in my head but nothing in a state to share today. Add to that the rather hectic last two weeks because himself was isolating after getting COVID, meaning that I was doing all the taxi duties for the kids, me getting large boy’s evil… Continue reading Getting by

Waves of grief

Trigger warning: miscarriage I feel like I’m treading water in my grief. I know we don’t always have to be moving forwards, that backwards is OK too. Maybe it’s not even like I’m treading water because that’s an active attempt to keep afloat. I’m rather effortlessly and aimlessly drifting. I don’t know where I am… Continue reading Waves of grief

Three angry people thinking "it's not about you!"

It’s not about you

Right, so here’s the thing that’s annoying me lately. Self-centredness. Is that even a word? I think so. I mean people who forget that there’s anything outside their little world or that other people have different experiences, needs, abilities, finances and so on. Like what? Like those who don’t want to vaccinate because the vaccines… Continue reading It’s not about you

Feeling weepy

I’m feeling weepy at the moment. Hormones. Anniversaries. Seems like so much is going on, even though it’s no more than usual. May be I’m wearing myself out with RED January. Could do with a bit of a boost of cheer and energy, that isn’t chocolate-based. That’s all I’ve got today.

Infinity lights

Reflecting on 2021

A year ago I wrote a post looking towards (not forwards to) 2021. And, well, 2020 had certainly been a rollercoaster but it wasn’t as painful as 2019 was for us. For 2021, I knew not to make resolutions or think about specific goals. Instead there were some general things I wanted from 2021, and… Continue reading Reflecting on 2021

This time next year

Bill over at A Silly Place passed on this pondering question – where will I be this time next year? He’s got some clear ideas about the inevitable and some general goals for himself this time next year. However, he generously shared the challenge with some other folks, including me. I’ve had to have a… Continue reading This time next year

You look tired…

OK, so potentially debatable opinion: I hate Zoom. Work has just switched to Zoom for conference calls and that means more video calls. I’ve managed to avoid them so far for the most part – himself almost always interrupts my regular Wednesday group meeting and I’ve started making him wave at the other participants in… Continue reading You look tired…

And now he’s ten

This time of year always brings a nostalgia trip for me. I think back to the surprise of my waters breaking at 36 weeks and then spending another four days waiting to meet large boy. Remembering that induced first labour, my body completely ignoring my plan. The jaundice, the reflux, the exhaustion, the sore boobs,… Continue reading And now he’s ten

Kindle and mug of tea sitting in the sun

November 2021 Reading

I do a monthly round up for everything we’ve read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he’s not getting a section – books only! Large boy He’s deigned to help write some more considered and worthwhile reviews this month, thanks large boy! Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow by… Continue reading November 2021 Reading

A Christmas Poem

As someone who usually refuses to think about getting festive until mid-December, you might be getting the impression I’m rather excited this year. I’m not. I’m actually finding life more than usually difficult. Baby boy3 is on my mind a lot and it’s not easy for me to understand why. So, to try to focus… Continue reading A Christmas Poem

Nick Baker's Worm World

Review: Worm World

Small boy was very pleased to receive My Living World Worm World for his sixth birthday, back at the end of June 2021. He’s always loved being in the garden and getting dirty, forever turning over plant pots to see what’s lurking beneath. He was sticking his hands in the soil before he was one… Continue reading Review: Worm World

Brainstorms Award

Brainstorms Award

The Brainstorms Award was created by Nabeeha Jameel over at Brainstorms. This award is basically for all those bloggers out there, new, or old, who do a lot of work to keep their blogs alive and an interest for other people! Brainstorms Rules Thank the person who nominated you. Tag your post with #BrainStormsAward and… Continue reading Brainstorms Award

House fantasies

Himself won’t move house locally. He hates moving and throwing money on taxes and all the legal stuff and the moving and all the disruption. I get it. But I also don’t like my garden, it’s too small, and my feelings about the kitchen in this house have built from mild inconvenience to strong dislike… Continue reading House fantasies

Old Friends

Well, not old as in they themselves are old. More, long-standing…. While I was at my mum and dad’s during our summer holiday I managed to meet up with three very long-standing friends who I’ve known for very many years. Two who I met while we were in reception (kindergarden) and one who I’ve known… Continue reading Old Friends

Fenland Beauty: a prelude

I’m planning on writing something much more substantial than this, describing why I love the fens so much. In the meantime, I just wanted to share some photos I’ve taken recently of the vast skies and endless fields that make the fens so beautiful.



Hmm, so I just turned 40. Honestly, so far, it feels just the same as 39. I could write lots of things about how I was when I was born, when I was 13 or 18, 21 or 30. But, from my point of view, all those milestones are artificial. In fact, why am I… Continue reading Forty

I Believe….

A little while ago the lovely Bill from A Silly Place asked some folks about what we believe. It was a really interesting exercise in examining what I fundamentally hold to be true. Each person who wrote something for Bill had something different to say, each one individual and reflecting a unique perspective. We’ve all… Continue reading I Believe….

Kindle and mug of tea sitting in the sun

July 2021 Reading

I’ve decided to do a monthly round up for everything we’ve read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he’s not getting a section – books only! Large boy His reviews are getting briefer and briefer. Sorry about that. The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd He really enjoyed… Continue reading July 2021 Reading

Truck loaded and ready to go

Holiday Time 2021

You know that feeling when you’re on the cusp of going on holiday and the relief and anticipation are both running high? Well, that’s where we are right now. I’ve been winding down at work all week, packing, planning, himself has been booking things, and just preparing ourselves to get away. We are all SO… Continue reading Holiday Time 2021

all the bags and shoes ready for back to school

School’s Out 2021

Wow, that’s it. The last day of school for the 2020-2021 school year. And what a year it’s been! From the countdown last September, through an almost-immediate COVID scare, Christmas and another round of home learning, more school holidays in lockdown over February half term, and then back to in-school learning (thank goodness). The boys… Continue reading School’s Out 2021

Imperfect lupin with raindrops

Different is Beautiful

Some time ago I wrote a post about beautiful imperfections. Recently, my thoughts are travelling along a similar path. There are some fairly well-defined traditional ideas about what is beautiful: blondeness, being thin with big boobs, sunny days, lush green grass, orange sunsets, spotless cars, rhyming words, clear skin, a straight nose, big blossoming flowers,… Continue reading Different is Beautiful

Silverstone campsite at sunset

Turning Away

Some time ago I was feeling upset about the idea of being judged by other mums – you know the way we do sometimes. I told my lovely friend S (I’ve mentioned her before) and she said something that’s always stuck with me: “If they don’t like what they see, they should turn away.” Her… Continue reading Turning Away


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