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Stuff we didn’t need on holiday

Before we went on holiday (for lots of pictures, visit #smellysocksgoestofrance), I wrote a list of everything essential to take (and added the stuff we forgot). We had an absolutely bloody brilliant time. This was the holiday we'd waited three years for. However, amongst the very many things we took, we did not need some… Continue reading Stuff we didn’t need on holiday

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Making Stuff 17: Cocktails 2021

Last year's cocktails post seems long enough ago to start a new separate one with this year's recipes. I love a cocktail, but I rarely follow recipes though and enjoy making things up a bit as I go with little or no planning. So here are a few of my recent inventions... Rosalie I tried… Continue reading Making Stuff 17: Cocktails 2021

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10 things about me

I thought I would share a few things about myself that my real life friends (probably) know, but social media not so much. 1 I used to be vegetarian When I was 9 I decided to stop eating meat. My parents are saints. I can't imagine large boy asking that in just over a year.… Continue reading 10 things about me


Holiday 2019 D16

Another dreadful night; too hot, too cold, sore knees, brain whirring, awake since 4.20am and just dozed since then. Alarm at 7am, showers and breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and himself went to fetch the car as it was raining. However, he came back quickly to say the car had been broken into.… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D16

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Holiday 2019 D12

Small boy woke up a bit earlier this morning - a fly in his room apparently. He was persuaded back to bed with remarkable ease and eventually we got up at 8.30am. I took the boys to get bread, croissants and pain au chocolats. It was a bit chilly so fleecy (£4 bargain H&M) dinosaur… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D12

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Holiday 2019 D11

Quarter to 9, everyone else is still asleep. I woke an hour ago with work on my mind. Apparently 10 days is my limit, so I was wondering what's going on with my work wife. Then remembered how pissed off I am with a colleague for withholding information. It's that bloody work addiction again. Can't… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D11