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What happens when you blog less?

So, earlier in the year I decided to take a little break from the blog while we went on holiday. It was lovely just enjoying some family time and not doing any promotion - either through Twitter threads or Facebook groups. When we came back I decided not to return to the way I'd been… Continue reading What happens when you blog less?

Marley's Cards - a valentine's story
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Marley’s Cards: a valentine’s story

The wonderful Eric at The Thoughtful Beggar asked me to write this for Valentine's day 2021. Well, here was a turn up for the books. A bright sunny morning as spring was starting to think about kicking into action, breakfast was almost finished and Sam had run off to play with his Christmas Lego. Dad… Continue reading Marley’s Cards: a valentine’s story

Silverstone campsite at sunset
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Silver Linings

Tens of millions infected. More than a million dead. Businesses crippled. Nearly everyone’s lives upended in ways great and small. All because of COVID-19, which made 2020 a terrible year even for those of us lucky enough to have not been personally touched by the virus. But as we enter 2021 — with all the… Continue reading Silver Linings

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My Favourite Christmas Posts 2020

I haven't taken part in Blogmas this year, the organizational mountain required is just too intimidating. It looks so much fun though, so maybe next year you'll find me planning Christmas advice in August... or maybe not. Anyway, I would love to share some of the lovely Christmas posts I've read by other bloggers over… Continue reading My Favourite Christmas Posts 2020