There’s only one first time

The piece was written for and first published at T.B.C, as part of a series of first time descriptions. The world around us freezes every winter, the ground hardens and is inhospitable for months. Nature is harsh, the winds blow and rain, hail and snow swamp the ground. The earth endures the pain and hardship… Continue reading There’s only one first time

running shoes

You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part II

I wrote a post a year ago with some symptoms of the running bug, but my case has become more severe so here are some new behaviours that might indicate affliction with the runner's bug. 1. You thought you had all the gear, but discovered that many more things are needed. 2. You start reading… Continue reading You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part II

Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award 2

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? The Sunshine Blogger Award is a peer-recognition award given by bloggers to other super creative, talented, and entertaining bloggers. It is an excellent way of opening yourself to the community and your readers and brings overall positivity to the blogging community. It’s a great feeling to know that other… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award 2

Vibrant but imperfect sunflower

Beautiful imperfections

A sunflower whose petals aren't formed quite right The dewy spiders web with a strand missing The husband who can't stack tupperware The colouring that goes outside the lines A storyteller who can't find the right words A stunning landscape on a cloudy day The friend too absorbed in their own troubles The faded design… Continue reading Beautiful imperfections