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Pre-Christmas school-related grumpiness

Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have noticed a long rant about a school event and the totally dire communication about it from school and the PTA. But it's not just the official communication, it's also the attitude of some of the PTA. They assume that we can read between the lines and guess… Continue reading Pre-Christmas school-related grumpiness

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Remembrance Day

This last week I've seen a bunch of posts, profile decorations, photos about Remembrance day with Union Jacks and St George's crosses. So I want to say something about that. Remembrance is about taking time to consider the sacrifices made during war. Primarily we think of the armed forces and those who died, but also… Continue reading Remembrance Day

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Skip a few steps

I'm off to foreign parts (the Watford of Paris to be vague) in a few weeks. Tonight I made himself do large boy's packed lunch. There were many questions. There was discussion about whether it was enough. His water bottle got left on the side. And then... "I won't be doing this while you're away… Continue reading Skip a few steps

Unfair preconceptions
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Best brothers: unfair preconceptions

I've just seen this and it made me cross: Yeah yeah just a meme. Doesn't harm anyone. Blah blah. So from my point of view, these are the sort of low level, background messages that are just as harmful to children's perception of gender roles as girls/boys toy aisles and clothes and so on. What's… Continue reading Best brothers: unfair preconceptions

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Here's the thing about smart school uniform: it's unrealistic. I get that it's good to have a uniform, you don't want designer clothes highlighting differences in family circumstances, or getting ruined. But for primary school children, where has the drive for wearing ties come from? Particularly in primary school children and at the younger end… Continue reading Uniform