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Climate Change Collective Post 4: How climate change impacts animals

The wonderful Caroline from Enviroline has shared the third post in the series being run by the Climate Change Collective. Phenology is the timings of animal and plant yearly cycles. As the climate changes, these timings change too. For example, birds are starting to breed earlier because the peak insect abundance is happening sooner. This puts added… Continue reading Climate Change Collective Post 4: How climate change impacts animals

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Remembrance Day

Parts first posted in November 2019. Usually, around this time of year, I see a bunch of posts, profile decorations, photos about Remembrance day with Union Jacks and St George's crosses. Actually, this year it's been a bit less I think. Maybe, with Brexit and COVID there's a realisation that we rely and owe a… Continue reading Remembrance Day

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Sweet chestnuts

When I was a little girl, and indeed a teenager, my parents would buy sweet chestnuts on a stall at their town market. They'd roast them and then we'd burn our finger tips deshelling them. I've had, very occasionally, roast chestnuts from a street seller. But they've always been coated in sugar and way too… Continue reading Sweet chestnuts

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October 2022 Reading

I do a monthly round up for everything we've read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he's not getting a section - books only! I think I've done well extracting reviews from them this month, especially from large boy. Large boy A World Without Princes, The Last Ever After,… Continue reading October 2022 Reading