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How to cope when it’s all a bit much

In case you haven't noticed, we have a lot of life going on at the moment. We have turmoil, the horrors of year 6, the preparation for building work, lots of training at work for me and travel for himself, plus large boy's unmentionable leg (post to follow later when it's hopefully resolved), running frustrations,… Continue reading How to cope when it’s all a bit much

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I ought to be…

I ought to be blogging but I'm playing Lego Star Wars I ought to be working but I'm doing the laundry I ought to be reading for my leadership training but I'm absorbed in detectives I ought to be running but I'm working through lunch time I ought to be making dinner but I'm hugging… Continue reading I ought to be…

Blokus and Hot Wires
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Review: Our Kids’ Best Christmas Gifts

As usual the boys got plenty of interesting gifts for Christmas and large boy's birthday. Rather than telling anyone what we thought of them straight away, I decided to wait until we'd played with them for a while and then do some reviews. Blokus Small boy got Blokus for Christmas from himself's sister (purchased from… Continue reading Review: Our Kids’ Best Christmas Gifts

Caption "Making Stuff: Gin bottling and jam" with a backdrop of home made jam in jars
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Making stuff 15: gin bottling and jam (2020)

Last year I had a marathon session making jam and chutney and kicking off the gin. The fruit stays steeping in the gin for at least a month, then its bottling time. This year, I wasn't planning to make any jam, there's still a cupboard full from last autumn. However, the elderberry laden trees at… Continue reading Making stuff 15: gin bottling and jam (2020)

Bright purple thistles
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Staying home, staying safe in review

After 17 weeks of staying home and safe, gradually going out a bit more, and reflecting every week on our ups and downs I've learned loads about what keeps our family ticking. Home learning has taught me at least 10 things, doubtless many more. I wanted to look back and reflect on our family's experiences:… Continue reading Staying home, staying safe in review