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Skip a few steps

I'm off to foreign parts (the Watford of Paris to be vague) in a few weeks. Tonight I made himself do large boy's packed lunch. There were many questions. There was discussion about whether it was enough. His water bottle got left on the side. And then... "I won't be doing this while you're away… Continue reading Skip a few steps

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Mummy guilt (part 1 of many)

Today has confirmed why I said no to the suggestion of promotion and why I still refuse to apply. Husband is away so it's me and the boys doing our thing. I took them to breakfast club, worked, did my second c25k run, and set about the horror of Thursday afternoon meetings. Started at 12.30… Continue reading Mummy guilt (part 1 of many)

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10 things about me

I thought I would share a few things about myself that my real life friends (probably) know, but social media not so much. 1 I used to be vegetarian When I was 9 I decided to stop eating meat. My parents are saints. I can't imagine large boy asking that in just over a year.… Continue reading 10 things about me


Holiday Reading Round Up

Somewhat delayed round up of what we read this summer during the school holidays. Me: The Bonjour Effect (still on going, slowly)Stig of the DumpMurder on the LevelsRevenge on the LevelsPenshaw Large boy: Wimpy Kid, who knows which oneJack Stalwart: the search for sunken treasureThe wizards of onceThe firework maker's daughterMy fox ate my homeworkThe… Continue reading Holiday Reading Round Up


Birthday party gift etiquette

Just a random observations post today. I try and observe a vague etiquette of birthday gifts for the kids parties our boys go to. My criteria are: Something useful or educational or that the child really really wants (as told by their parent)No junk that will breakNo noisy toys that will make their parents hate… Continue reading Birthday party gift etiquette