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Lessons in Loss

Lessons in Loss 10: Show’s Over

This post has been contributed by Eric at The Thoughtful Beggar, I'll let his own intro do the talking because I love the ethos: ... an online magazine dedicated to thought, and the sharing of it with like-minded people. Like-minded in the pursuit of a deeper, more fulfilling existence, not in a lockstep agreement of… Continue reading Lessons in Loss 10: Show’s Over

My Instagram Favourites
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My Instagram Favourites

Instagram was something I knew nothing about when I started blogging. I'd been deliberately steering clear of it - all the chat about "insta perfect" lives really put me off. I thought I would end up looking at other people's pictures and feel like I didn't live up to some imagined standard. Facebook competitive parenting… Continue reading My Instagram Favourites

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Keep Adapting

I started writing this post in response to a comment on my post about throwing a lockdown birthday party. I wrote a couple of paragraphs and then decided that it was a bit overkill for reply to a simple "the kids have missed out on so much" sympathetic comment. Here's the thing, COVID is shit.… Continue reading Keep Adapting

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You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part II

I wrote a post a year ago with some symptoms of the running bug, but my case has become more severe so here are some new behaviours that might indicate affliction with the runner's bug. 1. You thought you had all the gear, but discovered that many more things are needed. 2. You start reading… Continue reading You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part II

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How (not) to throw a kids birthday party in lockdown

Over the years we've done all sorts of birthday parties for the boys. From a local village hall to rugby in a sports hall, from a house full of small kids to a day out with friends at the Natural History Museum, from a transit van on the drive with Xboxes to playing Scalextric in… Continue reading How (not) to throw a kids birthday party in lockdown

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Making Stuff 17: Cocktails 2021

Last year's cocktails post seems long enough ago to start a new separate one with this year's recipes. I love a cocktail, but I rarely follow recipes though and enjoy making things up a bit as I go with little or no planning. So here are a few of my recent inventions... Rosalie I tried… Continue reading Making Stuff 17: Cocktails 2021