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Making stuff 21: gin and jam 2022

I think we've established by now that my only claim to any goddess-like levels of domesticity is my habit of making gin, jam, and chutney. Last year (2021) focus was on the gins, with a bit of hedgerow jelly for completeness. In 2020, I made a ridiculous 6 gins but just one jelly. The year… Continue reading Making stuff 21: gin and jam 2022

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To friend (verb) or not?

I follow the wonderful That MidLife MaMa Donna on Facebook and she's ace. In particular, one of her posts caught my eye recently. https://www.facebook.com/100063737432941/posts/pfbid08qsLmXzsnDUZpw6LhbFHqzjDG4XSXf2WC29NTVq1To3JsNe5Qr2wLpGq3qgyTYFhl/ WordPress seems to trim the text there, here's what Donna said: Find your daughter’s teacher on social media and friend her. This is the advice I received last night. Immediately I… Continue reading To friend (verb) or not?

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Dilemma Resolved

This is a work post. I don't post about work very much because, well, it's generally pretty boring to people outside of my domain. I mean, seriously, I work in software, duller than dull right? Most people think software development is as obscure and highly technical as chemistry (doh, PhD chemist here too, double trouble).… Continue reading Dilemma Resolved

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July and August 2022 Reading

I do a monthly round up for everything we've read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he's not getting a section - books only! Sorry, we skipped the July post at the start of August because we were away and I couldn't be bothered. Large boy Hurrah! He hit… Continue reading July and August 2022 Reading