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Here comes 2020

2019 has been a rollercoaster. So we're not making big plans for 2020. Its been a big year, we started off expecting a surprise third baby - buying maternity clothes in the sales and planning a new car big enough for three seats. By the end of January that was all over, disastrous and heartbreaking.… Continue reading Here comes 2020

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Recovery after loss

On 31st January 2019 our third son was born sleeping at almost 20 weeks gestation. Those are the hard facts, cold and unemotional. The three days before were spent in hospital desperately hoping that the next option offered by a wonderful team of doctors and midwives would be the one to keep him inside and… Continue reading Recovery after loss

home made advent calendar of promises
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Advent activities

1 December: lunch out with Grandma and Grandad. This was planned anyway but lovely food and large boy taught Grandad the animal, vegetable, mineral game.2 December: small boy got to choose a charity for his Christmas donation instead of writing cards. Except he couldn't decide and changed his mind anyway. So no treat and the… Continue reading Advent activities

12 mince pies in a tray with star lids, glazed with egg wash, made with homemade mincemeat
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Making stuff 10: mince pies

This year's mince pie production process started sometime last autumn. Probably at the end of October. The mincemeat recipe I use is my Nana's (great-grandma, my mum's mum's mum). I'm very lucky to have vague memories of her, she died when I was 3, in her nineties. This takes a good day to go from… Continue reading Making stuff 10: mince pies

Christmas gift bags
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Making stuff 7: teachers’ gifts

Christmas is coming (like Game of Thrones "winter is coming" all ominous and doom-laden). This means that my carefully laid plans are coming to fruition. Gin has been prepared (Making stuff 3: annual gin, jam and chutney marathon) and bottled (Making stuff 4: gin bottling time) and so the time has come to put together… Continue reading Making stuff 7: teachers’ gifts

8th birthday cake, minecraft

And now he’s eight

The last three days have been an annual nostalgia trip for me. Remembering that first labour, the total lack of respect for my plan shown by our bodies. The complete naivety about birth, sleep, new borns and parenting in general. How easy that pregnancy was compared to the four that have followed it. But here… Continue reading And now he’s eight