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7 things I miss about running

Running is not going well lately. Oh so many things just aren't right. The origin of my current struggles is injury-related. Basically, I did too much in RED January I think. But even that was on the back of a rather disappointing 2022 of running (especially in comparison with 2021). However, as I try to… Continue reading 7 things I miss about running

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Having a clear out

I am genetically not predisposed to letting go of stuff. I am biologically prone to keeping hold of things. Maybe it's nurture too. My mum and her mum both have houses full of many many bits and bobs. For my grandma, that's fair enough; she's been on her own since the mid-80s. However, my dad… Continue reading Having a clear out

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The Trouble with Isms

Between the stuff in the new about the "self-proclaimed misogynist" arrest in Romania, comments about autism and criminality, and various other things that have been going on in my real world lately, I've been thinking about the trouble with all the isms. Here's my conclusion. All the isms are based on the precept that different… Continue reading The Trouble with Isms

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Plank Challenge Time

I've come back from holiday (did I mention we went on holiday? we left the country and everything! I mighthavebeengoingon aboutthata bit, sorry) having eaten all the cheese and ice cream and chocolate. This means that running is hard again (because I only did a tiny bit while away, despite my best intentions) and my… Continue reading Plank Challenge Time

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5 Reasons not to go running

I recently wrote a post about 6 reasons to get into running. The lovely One Dot Short of a Smarties Box pointed out that I made it sound like "those of us in the latter category have some puzzling glitch that needs to be fixed". Sorry! So here's a list of reasons not to go… Continue reading 5 Reasons not to go running

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6 Reasons to Get into Running

I was out running and thinking about why I run, about why other people run and why they might not want to. If you're in that last category, maybe these reasons will inspire you. 1. Outrun others when the zombie apocalypse comes Or outrun any other disaster. Indeed, I have a couple of tee shirts… Continue reading 6 Reasons to Get into Running

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RED 40: running for forty days

There's no hiding from it.... I'm 40 now. For what it's worth, I don't much care and I don't feel any different - what's all the fuss about? Why is thirty-nine one thing, and forty another? Given that a big party seemed unreasonable, foolish to plan in case of some disaster unthinkable in the before… Continue reading RED 40: running for forty days

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You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part II

I wrote a post a year ago with some symptoms of the running bug, but my case has become more severe so here are some new behaviours that might indicate affliction with the runner's bug. 1. You thought you had all the gear, but discovered that many more things are needed. 2. You start reading… Continue reading You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part II