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Changes, disturbances, a whirlpool of disruption. Normal life a distant memory. Temporary solutions, barely getting by. Vacillating between the challenges and spinning all the plates, nothing's broken, yet. Whenever people have asked me "how's it going" lately, my response has been "there's a lot of life going on right now". If you follow my Instagram,… Continue reading Turmoil

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A litany of injuries

We're all a mess Everything hurts Nobody sleeps Bodily comfort is for the lucky Large boy has been writing couplets and sets for a rap at school. I think he'd be utterly horrified with my spontaneous attempt at letting out my frustrations with our physical defects through the medium of Sunday morning poetry. Well, himself… Continue reading A litany of injuries

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The Trouble with Isms

Between the stuff in the new about the "self-proclaimed misogynist" arrest in Romania, comments about autism and criminality, and various other things that have been going on in my real world lately, I've been thinking about the trouble with all the isms. Here's my conclusion. All the isms are based on the precept that different… Continue reading The Trouble with Isms