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The Trouble with Isms

Between the stuff in the new about the "self-proclaimed misogynist" arrest in Romania, comments about autism and criminality, and various other things that have been going on in my real world lately, I've been thinking about the trouble with all the isms. Here's my conclusion. All the isms are based on the precept that different… Continue reading The Trouble with Isms

misty poppy fields
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Remembrance Day

Parts first posted in November 2019. Usually, around this time of year, I see a bunch of posts, profile decorations, photos about Remembrance day with Union Jacks and St George's crosses. Actually, this year it's been a bit less I think. Maybe, with Brexit and COVID there's a realisation that we rely and owe a… Continue reading Remembrance Day

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When a Work Trip Goes Wrong

Wow, after two years of a virtual replacement, we're back in person for our annual workshop for the leaders in technical writing at my company. I'm almost at the end of the week of intense discussions on every possible topic. I'm exhausted at this stage. It started with a 7am alarm on Sunday, then a… Continue reading When a Work Trip Goes Wrong

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My downstairs loo smells of pee

My downstairs loo smells of pee was it himself, large boy, small boy, or all three? My downstairs loo smells of pee again whatever I say, they just can't aim. My downstairs loo smells of pee when I sit down, the whiff comes up. My downstairs loo smells of pee sometimes they even leave a… Continue reading My downstairs loo smells of pee


Cucumbers and cats

Apologies in advance for the brief post. Himself has buggered off on a work trip and the kids have three million activities this week and I'm travelling next week. So yeah, writing anything meaningful is a stretch. Large boy came out with what I thought was absolute gibberish at tea time: https://twitter.com/AndSmelly/status/1579529439331115011?t=ZzsWK6P560rP6TASRauYVQ&s=19 Then he said… Continue reading Cucumbers and cats