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Lessons in Loss, Miscarriage

Lessons in Loss 18: Miscarriage (Three Years On)

Molly is one of my absolute favourite bloggers. Her blog is Lovely Local Indie, with a focus on food, days out and places to stay in and around Derbyshire, UK. She's quite local to me so there's always something for me to store away for use one day. The boys are particularly excited to visit… Continue reading Lessons in Loss 18: Miscarriage (Three Years On)

home working set up, two monitors, laptop, printer, lots of mess, water bottle and jumper

Exciting and scary: the end

So about a year ago an exciting but scary opportunity presented itself to me at work. There was some progress and then a bit more. Now we're at the end. I'd been trundling along with the same general activities for quite a while, there are challenges and long term projects running all the time and… Continue reading Exciting and scary: the end

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Outdoors etiquette

Some of the content in this post was originally published in April 2020, Lockdown exercise etiquette. Back then I was a learner runner, but already I'd noticed some strange behaviour when sharing roads and footpaths with other people. Since then I've had innumerable negative encounters as well as many positive ones. The UK highway code… Continue reading Outdoors etiquette