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Returning to Past Habits (Climate Change Collective Post 9)

This is my contribution to the series being run by the Climate Change Collective. The Climate Change Collective was born out of an exchange between Michelle over at Boomer Eco Crusader and Jamie Ad Stories. They both care deeply about the impact of human activity on our planet, as we all should, and wanted to find a way… Continue reading Returning to Past Habits (Climate Change Collective Post 9)

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Year 6 Horrors: 3 The Drama

I've decided to document large boy's journey through his year 6 experiences with a series of posts sharing a tongue in cheek assessment of what it's like having a 10 or 11 year old child. The Drama Oh the drama! Sooooo much drama and we're only at the start of the pre-teen phase. Every time… Continue reading Year 6 Horrors: 3 The Drama

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7 things I miss about running

Running is not going well lately. Oh so many things just aren't right. The origin of my current struggles is injury-related. Basically, I did too much in RED January I think. But even that was on the back of a rather disappointing 2022 of running (especially in comparison with 2021). However, as I try to… Continue reading 7 things I miss about running

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Coping with migraines in children

Last autumn I wrote about my experiences with migraines as an adult. However, small boy has also been suffering with classic childhood migraines since he was about 4 and a half. Before I go further, I want to be absolutely clear that I'm not a medical professional and our experiences shouldn't guide you in responding… Continue reading Coping with migraines in children