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Things to do in Berlin

So, tenth wedding anniversary jaunt with himself, to Berlin. Large and small boy safely in the care of mother in law (and father in law for that matter). We had booked flights and a hotel in the summer and done zero further planning. This meant some typical touristy things were immediately off the "to do"… Continue reading Things to do in Berlin

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STEM: science with Beavers – part 2

After my first STEM session with Beavers (see STEM: science with Beavers) a couple of weeks ago it's time for part 2. Just the one activity this time, we talked about experimental methodology a bit more and then investigated what happens when you add water to oil, try to mix them and then did some… Continue reading STEM: science with Beavers – part 2

2019 gin collection
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Making stuff 3b: gin bottling time (2019)

The gin and fruit and sugar has been steeping for about 6 weeks now (see annual gin, jam, and chutney marathon). So I'm ready to put it into bottles. I've got Kilner bottles that I accumulated at car boots and emptied of gin over the last year, plus a pack of small one to fill… Continue reading Making stuff 3b: gin bottling time (2019)

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Work trip don’ts

1) Try to order holiday inspired food. It won't be the same. (Pictured: toast with rocket, goats cheese, walnuts and honey. Very ordinary.) 2) Let your colleagues catch you exercising. (I was successful in this.) 3) Allow colleagues to choose restaurant at the point of needing dinner. (Better to plan ahead to avoid all the… Continue reading Work trip don’ts

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Getting my priorities straight

This year (2019) started off slightly strangely at work. I had my annual review and stated unequivocally that last year had totally put me off ever wanting to be a manager. The next day my boss called me in (this was on one of my intermittent trips to the real office) and confidentially told me… Continue reading Getting my priorities straight

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Work Trip: essential packing

I'm off for my "annual" (it's my second time) trip to attend a worldwide tech writer leaders workshop. It's not far for me compared to my colleagues travelling from N America, but I dislike travelling alone. So here are my essentials to pack to make the journey easier and the stay more comfortable. Travel Folder… Continue reading Work Trip: essential packing

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Reaction to loss: It takes all sorts

Today someone I follow on Twitter ( Lucy) shared this: It got me thinking about how people have been with me through our losses (we've had three, most recently at 20 weeks in January 2019, plus large boy is nearly 8 and small is 4). Tears The friend who heard that boy3 had been… Continue reading Reaction to loss: It takes all sorts

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STEM: science with Beavers

I'm a ex-chemist so science is very near to my heart. I joined the STEM ambassador scheme through work and got my DBS check completed this summer. I was also a Brownie, Guide and Young Leader in my school days. Large boy joined Beavers about 18 months ago and is coming to the end of… Continue reading STEM: science with Beavers