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Changes, disturbances, a whirlpool of disruption. Normal life a distant memory. Temporary solutions, barely getting by. Vacillating between the challenges and spinning all the plates, nothing's broken, yet. Whenever people have asked me "how's it going" lately, my response has been "there's a lot of life going on right now". If you follow my Instagram,… Continue reading Turmoil

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A litany of injuries

We're all a mess Everything hurts Nobody sleeps Bodily comfort is for the lucky Large boy has been writing couplets and sets for a rap at school. I think he'd be utterly horrified with my spontaneous attempt at letting out my frustrations with our physical defects through the medium of Sunday morning poetry. Well, himself… Continue reading A litany of injuries

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My downstairs loo smells of pee

My downstairs loo smells of pee was it himself, large boy, small boy, or all three? My downstairs loo smells of pee again whatever I say, they just can't aim. My downstairs loo smells of pee when I sit down, the whiff comes up. My downstairs loo smells of pee sometimes they even leave a… Continue reading My downstairs loo smells of pee

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I ought to be…

I ought to be blogging but I'm playing Lego Star Wars I ought to be working but I'm doing the laundry I ought to be reading for my leadership training but I'm absorbed in detectives I ought to be running but I'm working through lunch time I ought to be making dinner but I'm hugging… Continue reading I ought to be…

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Almost there

Are we nearly there yet? Almost holidays Almost the end of daily routines Weekly clubs already over Taxi service to sports is done with Peace and quiet looming, stretching to the horizon Or Kids off school, bored and nagging Interruptions, requests for snacks and screen time Organising activities and friends to play Money leaking to… Continue reading Almost there

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Snatched moments

Snatched moments A few minutes of company Pleasure in easy companionship Mundane chatter about nothing Twenty minutes of a return to before Being friends is no longer an everyday pastime Long lunches distant memories Yoga classes no more Because Children change everything And, most days, it's a fair exchange I managed a short lunchtime walk… Continue reading Snatched moments

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A Christmas Poem

As someone who usually refuses to think about getting festive until mid-December, you might be getting the impression I'm rather excited this year. I'm not. I'm actually finding life more than usually difficult. Baby boy3 is on my mind a lot and it's not easy for me to understand why. So, to try to focus… Continue reading A Christmas Poem

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Running without Headphones

Soundtrack silenced Senses heightened Birdsong and blowing leaves an accompaniment To the rhythm Of trainers tapping on tarmac. Yeah, so that's what happens when you don't charge your Bluetooth headphones before a long run and their battery dies half way through. I stuck them in my pocket, enjoyed the birdsong and the security of hearing… Continue reading Running without Headphones