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Manic mania day of chaos

Today has been one of those non stop crazy days with no pause or down time. Actually home side has been that chaotic but work hasn't been as bad as it could be. So husband has a long day away for work. Up and out at 5.30am, woke me up of course. He'll be back… Continue reading Manic mania day of chaos

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Here's the thing about smart school uniform: it's unrealistic. I get that it's good to have a uniform, you don't want designer clothes highlighting differences in family circumstances, or getting ruined. But for primary school children, where has the drive for wearing ties come from? Particularly in primary school children and at the younger end… Continue reading Uniform

home working set up, two monitors, laptop, printer, lots of mess, water bottle and jumper
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Work Ethic and Respect

So this has been bugging me the last few days. There are two things intertwined in my head and I've not quite figured out what I think. The first is about respecting and crediting our colleagues. When someone contributes to something, make sure the team or the people who benefit know about it. Please! I… Continue reading Work Ethic and Respect

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Large boy had come home today in high dugeon because, while working on computers at school, his partner didn't share well. I tried to advise him to take the same approach most adults would for working on a team: set expectations and check progress, take joint responsibility for the result. That is, start by saying… Continue reading Sharing