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Making stuff 22: needle felt gonk

By large boy (the gonk, not the blog post), entirely his own design made up as he went along. Yesterday's advent activity was "crafts", which drew a disappointed sigh. I'd bought a couple of kits to make a wreath and pompom gonks because I am not crafty myself. But the boys were thoroughly unimpressed. So… Continue reading Making stuff 22: needle felt gonk

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A Christmas Poem

As someone who usually refuses to think about getting festive until mid-December, you might be getting the impression I'm rather excited this year. I'm not. I'm actually finding life more than usually difficult. Baby boy3 is on my mind a lot and it's not easy for me to understand why. So, to try to focus… Continue reading A Christmas Poem

home made advent calendar of promises
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Advent Calendar Activities

For the last couple of years I've used a beautiful fabric advent calendar that my mum made to plan out a set of activities for the boys. Of course they never all go quite as planned, but we have a great time not eating chocolate. Previously I was more organised and bought them each a… Continue reading Advent Calendar Activities