little pigs house with cotton wool smoke
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Making stuff 11: reception crafts, a pig house

That dreaded moment when your reception child comes home with the newsletter that says "homework is to make a 3 little pigs house, it will be tested for strength with a hairdryer'. Not just crafts, but a challenge, a competition. I HATE crafts. I am not arty or good at engineering things. In hate glitter… Continue reading Making stuff 11: reception crafts, a pig house

misty morning lake
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What I want from 2020

I saw this great post by What Hannah Wrote: 20 Goals for 2020 (find her at @whathannahwrote) where she talks about goals, not resolutions. That got me thinking about what I want from this year. I don't have specific resolutions either. I'm not giving up meat, or alcohol, or petrol. I'd like to commit to… Continue reading What I want from 2020