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Failure to not do stuff

So my 2019 attempted method for being less stressed has been to not do stuff that isn’t my responsibility.

No fixing stuff other people broke – May be a little telling them what went wrong and how to fix it (even though that isn’t my job either).

No more just doing a quick thing cos it’s faster than explaining it.

No more noticing a problem and sorting it out cos all that matters is that it’s fixed.

Etc for quite a long time.

So far I’ve held quite firm. I’ve been responsive and supportive but not taken control or micro managed or got my hands dirty for stuff that isn’t mine. That sounds like usually I’m sticking my nose in and annoying people but I don’t think that’s been the case, mostly I get a thank you and almost never a “oi I know how to do that, leave me be”.

But yesterday it all went south. Big important project for big important customer and we’re doing things in an unusual way cos it’s a big important customer. A particular thing is required. It’s not my job but I know how it works, helped design the process and can do it quickly. But it’s not my job. For two weeks I have resisted the urge to step forward and offer to take on more work. I’m already struggling to get stuff done and stay sane. I really don’t need to do anything extra. Yesterday I failed and created to do lists and initiated a document.

Today it got worse. Today I emailed the team lead top in charge guy and asked if he wanted me to lead on this. Of course the answer was yes. So between (and during) other meetings we’re one document down and two to go. Both of which are started. Not my job but I’m doing it cos no one else can/will and it needs to be done.

Is it that nasty work addiction again? Or just a strong work ethic and dedication to satisfying the customer’s needs? How do you tell the difference?

Also how do you ensure your efforts are appreciated? And recognised? And not taken for granted next time?

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