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So I woke up yesterday feeling my throat was a bit dry. Had a bit of a cough and drank some water and went to wake the boys. That didn’t go so well, less cheery morning greeting more squawk.

Today it’s worse, several times I’ve dialed into a meeting and tried to say hi but no sound has come out. Drinking lots of water and glugging cough mixture and sore throat sweets to no avail. It’s dry, red and making some strange noises but really I feel fine.

My colleagues on the other hand seem either genuinely concerned (I’m a chatter box, they know this is weird) or grateful that I work from home.

And of course the boys want to know how to measure temperature (F vs C vs K – I can convert C & K easily but F is beyond me) and ask 50 questions about cheese. Or they’re mucking about and need a word or two. Anything to make me talk right?

Himself isn’t much better. He knows I’m upstairs and keeps calling up with questions that I try to answer but not loud enough for him to hear.

It’s weird, working from home, on a good day with no meetings I can go from school drop off to pick up without speaking. But here I can’t talk and it’s horrid. I’m sure it’ll get better soon or I’ll get used to it if it takes a week.

In the mean time I’ll have to delegate bedtime stories to himself. Not a huge deprivation when it’s Burglar Bill for the umpteenth time.

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