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A litany of injuries

We're all a mess Everything hurts Nobody sleeps Bodily comfort is for the lucky Large boy has been writing couplets and sets for a rap at school. I think he'd be utterly horrified with my spontaneous attempt at letting out my frustrations with our physical defects through the medium of Sunday morning poetry. Well, himself… Continue reading A litany of injuries

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RED January 2023 Review

Well RED January is over again. I quite like to look back and reflect on how I coped and what I achieved. My efforts DateDistanceTimeNotes1 Jan 20235.10km30.03minGot wet, felt good2 Jan 20235.74km33.48minNew shoes rubbed3 Jan 20233.25km20.07minRain started half way round, got wet4 Jan 20233.66km23.49minBleugh5 Jan 20233.29km20.57minLess bleugh6 Jan 202311.01km1h09.37minMassive puddle avoidance7 Jan 20233.26km19.29minNew shoes better,… Continue reading RED January 2023 Review

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5 Reasons not to go running

I recently wrote a post about 6 reasons to get into running. The lovely One Dot Short of a Smarties Box pointed out that I made it sound like "those of us in the latter category have some puzzling glitch that needs to be fixed". Sorry! So here's a list of reasons not to go… Continue reading 5 Reasons not to go running

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6 Reasons to Get into Running

I was out running and thinking about why I run, about why other people run and why they might not want to. If you're in that last category, maybe these reasons will inspire you. 1. Outrun others when the zombie apocalypse comes Or outrun any other disaster. Indeed, I have a couple of tee shirts… Continue reading 6 Reasons to Get into Running