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Tenting part 1

Not 100% sure there will be subsequent parts but let’s be optimistic.

Himself has recently discovered carboots. This isn’t the first time he’s been a regular visitor but it’s been a while (like since pre-kids). He’s now up and out by 9am on a Sunday to go visit either or both of our local, rival (some sort of family feud, very dramatic) car boots.

Now I’m an Amazon lover. Want, find, check reviews, buy and receive without leaving the house. Ultimate convenience.

However, large boy’s reading is accelerating, again and we can’t keep up with books. The library often doesn’t have what he wants and Kindle books for kids cost a fortune, as does kids unlimited. So I’ve been tempted into the carboot visitations in search of cheap books. For this I am sacrificing my lie in no less! (We take turns, he sleeps in on Saturday and I get Sunday.)

What has this to do with tents?

Well himself talked me into buying a huge ridiculous truck on the premise/promise that among other things we would camp. Short weekends away, possibly with friends, family reunion, or for motor racing. Silverstone WEC is coming up at the end of the summer holidays so we’re going to attempt family camping for the first time.

Unsure how it’ll work out (will the boys be awake at 4am?!) we don’t want to invest too much. If all goes well we’ll get a proper big tent (heard good things about air frame things). We have an ancient pre-marriage tent of our own with the requisite bits but it’s too small for 4. So car boot to the rescue!

This gem was purchased last weekend and today we’ve put it up to check. Turns out it had never been unpacked! £4 for an OK starter tent? Hell yeah!

Up it goes!

So large boy helped me put it up, looks good. Boys want to sleep in it – spoilsport mum says not on a school night though. They think it’s great but don’t seem to understand that it’s for living in and should be treated with care. No bashing into the sides – just like no kicking the walls at home. I fear my camping mantra may be “the tent is not a toy”. Wish us luck!

Red tent pitched in a small back garden

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