Caption "Lessons in Loss" above clouds low in the sky at sunset
Lessons in Loss

Lessons in Loss: Restart

Back in November 2020, I started a series of collaboration posts about how we cope with loss.

I think about loss from time to time, as you probably know if you’re a regular reader over here. I’ve discussed recovery from loss of a baby and other people’s reactions. But, we don’t only struggle or grieve over the loss of a person – whether they were fully-formed or not. Sometimes loss is part of growing into the person we have become, sometimes it leaves us feeling like something’s fundamentally missing, sometimes we can’t remember what it was like before we lost whatever it was.

In this series of posts, I asked some of my favourite blogging colleagues to write about a loss that they’ve experienced and how it affected them. You can find the full list here.

I’d like to invite anyone reading this who has thoughts to share, about any type of loss, to get in touch about sharing your story as I restart this series.

I don’t want the series to focus on death specifically and I hope that we all recover from these experiences able to find a positive consequence for ourselves somewhere.

The kinds of things I was thinking about as topics were:

  • The death of someone
  • Losing a beloved object
  • The end of a friendship
  • Memory loss, in yourself or someone close
  • Virginity
  • Job loss
  • The sense of having lost yourself
  • Anything else really….

If you’re interested, let me know. I’d love to feature anything you’d like to write.

Love from Smell xxx
Caption "Lessons in Loss" above clouds low in the sky at sunset
Lessons in Loss

15 thoughts on “Lessons in Loss: Restart”

  1. Currently working on a “loss” and coping with grief post — grieving the person I used to be, before chronic complex illness took me out of the “living life fully” game. 22-years of grief this month! Time flies when miserable and laid up in bed.🤪 Have written a few posts over the years with a similar twist. One was from five years ago — being unable to attend my mother’s memorial, because I was too unwell. Let me know if any of this seems like a fit. Hugs from the US!

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  2. I lost my sense of hope that my life would take a turn for the more positive last year. It seems SO LIKELY — and then it all fell apart. Generally speaking, though, I’m in a good mood and things have recovered in other areas of my life. I’m in less pain, for instance, and that’s always a good thing. In fact, I feel practically normal. My reading is going well. I’ve started making a practice of reading new works when I can find the time. My blog’s going well… Yeah. There’s that.

    — Catxman

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  3. I can think of some examples, I know friends and colleagues who have talked about the impact of certain losses:
    – independence (I have friends who have had sudden health changes that meant their mobility was severely impacted and they had to learn to readjust expectations and in some cases to either use mobility aids or accept assistance from others)
    – loss of hair (I have had male and female friends experience this and they have a lot to say!))
    – loss of home
    – loss of reputation due to malicious slander and harmful gossip
    – loss of confidence in someone deeply trusted and subsequent sense of disillusionment
    – loss in a competition
    – loss of passport, money and phone while travelling abroad (has happened to my sister three times when she was a victim of theft!)

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