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A Christmas Poem

As someone who usually refuses to think about getting festive until mid-December, you might be getting the impression I’m rather excited this year.

I’m not.

I’m actually finding life more than usually difficult. Baby boy3 is on my mind a lot and it’s not easy for me to understand why. So, to try to focus on something else, I’ve been doing lots of Christmas preparations (also because I’m a bit scared of hosting this year).

Today’s post was meant to be something else Christmassy. But I didn’t get organised. So instead, here’s a poem large boy wrote last year. He made the picture too, just free images in Word.

Christmas Eve

Christmas is dawning my dear
The wind is roaring as Christmas is dawning.
Climbing into my bed, cuddling with my ted,
Christmas is dawning my dear.

I jump up in bed when the sun begins rising
Has Santa come in?
The answer is yes, as I see the three presents
Under the glistening tree,
One was addressed to me.

Christmas has come my dear,
Three hundred and sixty-five more days to go
Till next year.


Thinking about large boy a year ago when he wrote this, I’m rather pleased to notice that (as he approaches the grand old age of 10) he still cuddles with his ted, and counts the days until Christmas. However, he almost had a major falling out with small boy yesterday because small had said something about large’s teddies to someone in his class and large was embarrassed because that’s not cool.

He still believes in Santa too. In the event last year, cuddling his ted wasn’t enough to get him to sleep. He was still awake at 11pm because he was so worried that Santa wouldn’t come if he didn’t sleep but that was stopping him sleeping. Then after such a late night, he wasn’t up as the sun rose, it was more like 8am!

I fear this might be his last year believing in Santa. The changes between now and next December might well be much greater.

Anyway, I just wanted to share large boy’s rather lovely, evocative poem.

Love from Smell xxx

31 thoughts on “A Christmas Poem”

  1. It’s a really sweet poem. My husband and I both said we continued to outwardly show signs of believing long after we’d figured it out. Vested interest and all that.

    I hope life feels easier soon. Xx

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