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Christmas Tree Poem

Last year I shared large boy’s Christmas poem from 2020.

This year I’ve got the one he wrote in 2021, I wonder if he’s been writing one at school this year.

It seems clear that the teacher tasked them with writing it in the shape of the tree, but I love the alliteration and use of traditional festive phrases.

The card has a fabulous woven Christmas tree in the middle but large boy used so much glue that it’s dried rigid. The front is baffling, I’m not very sure what it represents except that he’s put baubles on the words.

Anyway, merry almost-Christmas from us.

Love from Smell xxx

5 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Poem”

  1. Lovely. Thanks for sharing. Oh, how I miss those days of wonderful artwork. I still have some of it. My younger daughter still likes to make cards, although she has told me now that’s she’s retiring from that because she’s too busy. She is 19 with full-time college and 2 part-time jobs after all!

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