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Staying home, staying safe – week 9

This is a little diary of our nineth week in social isolation, home learning, and with both himself and me working from home. I’m going to just talk about the highlights and low lights. A full diary takes a lot of writing and I can’t imagine anyone’s really interested in all the detail.

See what happened in week 8.

What will week 10 bring?

Stay safe everyone, I hope you’re doing ok. xxx


My Monday afternoon was unusually unfull of meetings, so I took the boys for a walk at lunchtime. We laid the first stones to start a snake of painted rocks on our local woodland walk.

Small boy read a whole Biff Chip and Kipper book!

Himself took the boys on a mid-afternoon walk on Tuesday, meaning that we weren’t trying to get fresh air right before tea time or just after lunch. Those times are our usual but either interfere with meetings or tea ends up being really late and then they boys are tired and not motivated to eat nicely.

The best thing about Wednesday was the two breakfast martinis I treated myself to in the evening. Rhubarb and ginger gin, cointreau, marmalade and splash of limonata.

I planted my second round of cucumbers out, replacing the ones that got frosted, along with some squash. The tomatoes I sowed last Friday are sprouting already. The boys tried to deal with our pigeon problem on Thursday too, water pistols because they’re humane.

My day off started pretty well, the boys climbed in bed with me and played a bunch of songs on Alexa. A bit of a morning disco with loads of giggles and dancing, if questionable taste in music. After lunch we went on a bike ride/scoot and small boy got the hang of setting off on the bigger bike and accepted that a scooter like his brother’s is a good idea for his birthday.

Having painfully constructed a newspaper article about Boudicca all week, large boy wrote it up neatly on Friday and finally found some enthusiasm for the task, even sneaking his teacher’s name in.

Saturday was really windy, I bravely hung the washing out on the line (all the bedding) and neither the washing line nor the sheets blew away like sails.

The lovely Lizzie Driscoll (@EHDriscoll) sent me some beautiful pictures to go with a little story I’m going to post next week.

After a book review grump and screen overload, we had a jigsaw puzzle hour. Large boy did a 200 piece map of Europe with surprising enthusiasm while I helped small boy do a 150 piece dinosaur one. Then in a beautifully unusual moment they both climbed on the sofa next to me for a long, quiet, peaceful hug. Almost never happens anymore, let alone both of them at once and it was total bliss.

Sunday featured a huge take away lunch with beer can chicken, brisket and pulled pork, plus mac n cheese and fries, cabbage, BBQ beans and sweetcorn. Totally sated.


Monday got off to a ridiculous start. Even before breakfast large boy was complaining that small boy punched him because he wanted to read and small boy wanted to play.

Large boy was in a huge grump on Tuesday all morning. I was on the verge of deciding there was something wrong when he discovered the new kindle books I’d got for him. Suddenly smiles returned. But for a good two hours beforehand he was so melancholy and crying over little things. Addicted to books that boy.

Tuesday was hectic, just really busy. So busy that I finished work at 5pm and looked to see what was for dinner, only to realise that it was meant to be slow cooker casserole made with left over veggies and sauce. Only I’d forgotten to put it on at lunchtime, in fact I’d forgotten to take the veggie and sauce mix out of the freezer in the morning. Quickly defrosted chilli to the rescue.

Wednesday featured another one of my boss’s monologues about her life. Not her cats’ toilet habits this time thank goodness, but an ex-boyfriend and his alcoholism, with his sponsor forcing a break up. Also one of my favourite developers, married to a good friend, announced his resignation. Bugger.

Thursday was a terrible morning at work, a four step process failed at steps two (twice), three and four on the first day I was looking after step four while a colleague is on holiday. I hit it with a stick several times and got there in the end, but way more stress than necessary.

On Friday I had to deal with the horrors of the supermarket (scanned as I shopped after last week’s traumatic check out experience) which wasn’t fun. While out for a scoot, large boy tumbled off and has a huge bruise on his knee.

It’s a good thing there’s a lockdown, otherwise Saturday might have seen me (and many others I’m sure) arrested for throwing rocks at two-faced, selfish, stupid, inconsiderate, hypocritical, wanker Cummings (I always thought his name was suspicious).

Sunday’s mega grumps from the boys resulted in loss of screen time, including watching himself play. I decided it was time for a reset and do some non-electronic quality playing.

Things I wrote

Gratitude – when you take pause for thought and realise that life could be much much harder

This is just to say – a bit of light mangling of William Carlos Williams, from 9 years ago

Ma deuxième langue : 2ème étape – the second chapter in the story of how I came to speak fluent French (but not write it)

18 thoughts on “Staying home, staying safe – week 9”

  1. Sounds like you’ve all had a very busy week. It is hard for the kids, they like it, but I think it’s difficult to get them to focus on schoolwork the same as they do in school. The novelty has worn off now. You are doing great and it’s not easy to get and balance both. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like you’ve all had a busy week. I think lockdown is starting to get to the kids a bit, my girls sound just like yours a bit. Keep up the great work, can’t be easy working from home with the kids around.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! You really have a lot going on! I love it! I really enjoyed all that you had going on even it involves being in quarantine. Be safe my friend….hopefully, there is an end in sight soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. We’re fine staying home for as long as necessary. I’d rather stay home longer than risk lifting restrictions sooner and having a massive second peak. As much as I miss my mum, staying home protects her and that’s fine.


  4. I love the painted rocks. I came across a couple of them on my walk last night and they made my day! “You rock” and “Be strong” were the messages on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The patio is filthy. Putting the whirly gig down when not in use has helped a bit. And I’d rather have a bit of poo and Robins and bluetits than none of either. It’s when the pigeons attack my plants I get cross.

      Liked by 1 person

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