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RED January in Pictures

If you follow me over on Instagram, you probably won’t have managed to avoid noticing that I’ve been taking part in RED January.

Its been a very interesting month to venture out every day, we’ve had some wet weather, some snowy weather, some very cold weather, some dreadful weather, and some really hard runs in the wet, snowy, cold, dreadful weather.

But all that wet, snowy, cold, dreadful weather was sometimes beautiful too…

Edit 1st February 2021: two more pictures to round it out. I managed 10km on January 31st, taking my total to 116km for the month and my fundraising total is at a mind-blowing £356 plus gift aid! I’m made up about the generosity of my friends, colleagues and family.

23 thoughts on “RED January in Pictures”

  1. All the photos are wonderful and especially the one with the footprints in the snow. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures .

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  2. I’m loving your photos! We didn’t have snow for a good part of the start of the month, however, it has now decided to make its appearance yet again. We aren’t as big on the whole snowy scene, we’re warm weather people (camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, etc.), however, my one dog couldn’t be happier! She’s more than willing to spend hours playing outside lol

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  3. This looks so nice. We haven’t had any real snow at all and I’m so sad about it. It snowed for a bit but it’s been too warm for any snow to lay on the ground. Basically January have been unusually wet and grey instead.

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