chalk rainbow on brick driveway
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Chalk and rainbows

The boys love playing with chalks, every summer they decorate the patio with pictures, planning roads and towns to drive their toy cars around.

This year, we’re drawing on the front drive.

We started with a rainbow for our community facebook group. It’s been washed off twice now.

It’s a great activity for loads of reasons:

  • Its bright and colourful and cheerful for the community. Our elderly neighbour said that she loved watching them colour and seeing their pictures.
  • It keeps them busy and occupied.
  • They’re in the fresh air but home and safe.
  • They have an outlet for all the information they’re absorbing about the current situation.

We’re lucky that we had a couple of tubs of chalk anyway so we didn’t need to buy any. I wouldn’t have gone to the shop to buy some specially but might had picked some up while shopping anyway.

Today their creation includes loads of snippets they’ve heard and understood.

  • Stay home stay safe
  • NHS
  • Scientists are trying to explode this (we’ve explained that soap disrupts the walls of the virus cells, they know that scientists are working hard to destroy it, they’re close enough)
  • Exercise – one a day

If you want to see today’s pictures, check out our Instagram post:

12 thoughts on “Chalk and rainbows”

  1. Chalking on our patio has been one of Flora’s favourite activities for years, it’s such an easy and fun thing to do and so easily cleared up as well. We don’t have a front patio but she has done a rainbow poster for the front window 🙂

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  2. I love the Artwork so vibrant and detailed I’m glad they are enjoying themselves despite the circumstances and learning and finding positivity in it all Be Safe

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