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Getting political: a letter to my MP

Dear MP

I’ve written to you several times before in recent months to express my disappointment with the process of handling the outcome of the 2016 referendum.
Today though, things have gone too far. Our PM, unelected by the general population, has removed the opportunity for parliament to enforce it’s will on the matter of a no deal exit from the EU.
I suspect you and I fundamentally disagree on the subject of brexit. However, if we put the specifics to one side and address the ethics and morality of Boris Johnson’s actions today I hope that you can recognise how unacceptable and reprehensible today’s events have been.
Rest assured that if our MPs do not stand up for their constituents and fight for their best interests and their right to have any choice over the future of our county, they will not be re-elected. That means you. I will not vote for you and I’m sure many others will place their votes elsewhere.
But, stand up for what is right and you will win the respect of many and have the chance to continue to represent our community. No one voted for no deal. Don’t stand by and let it happen. Please.
There’s much talk of a general strike. I’ll be there, standing alongside my colleagues and compatriots and fellow EU citizens saying “no” to what’s happening to our country. We’re better than this. Please help us to be the best we can be – not a sad, divided, isolated dictatorship.
Do what’s right. Work with your parliamentary colleagues to stop no deal and implement a second, honest and clear, referendum to allow the UK population to choose our future. First though, bring back a state of democracy.

Yours sincerely,


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