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What Does Summer Mean?

Saw this from Laura’s Lovely Blog ( and Bubba Blue and Me ( who I follow on Twitter. Seems like a fun idea.

Do you like summer?

Summer in itself I love. But I think it’s the idea of summer that appeals. The reality is that I work and miss the nice weather days. I find summer hectic and sometimes stressful, organising childcare and holidays can be pretty full on.

What are your favourite things to do in the summer?

Walks, bike rides, chilling in the garden and BBQs with friends. At the end of summer, foraging in the hedgerows for jam and gin ingredients.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Rum and raisin, no question

Ice cream or cream on strawberries?

Whipped cream.

What’s your summer drink of choice?

Cider or my own concoction of gin, pink wine and lemonade.

What are your favourite clothes to wear in summer?

Cut off jean shorts and lose floppy tee shirts. This year anyway.

What do you like most at the beach in summer?

After this weekend, flying kites somewhere not too busy.

What’s on your summer playlist?

Stuff of the kids playlists this year. Upbeat and dancey pop.

What’s your favourite summer food?

Mango sorbet. Or maybe just a crispy baguette with French cheese.

What is your favourite memory of the summer?

Sitting on the terrace outside the house where I au paired at 16, just before a summer storm. The sun shining on the oak trees making their leaves a really bright sharp green. Then the storm, really heavy rain so me and the kids cleaning the patio tiles with brooms and getting soaked but not caring cos it was hot and so much fun.

What don’t you like about summer?

School holiday guilt. All the other mums having fab days out together while my kids are in holiday club and I’m working.

What’s been your favourite summer holiday destination?

Before kids, Kefalonia. Now, France on eurocamp.

What summer mean to you?

Getting outside.

Preparing for the next big thing: school term, software release at work.

Reading loads on a long road trip holiday.

Teaching the kids a bit more French.

What sunscreen do you use?

Whatever I see at hand. As a former chemist I believe in UV ratings not brand names.

Do you change your make up or hair routine in summer?

No but I just look a lot more frizzy.

Raybans, aviator or big sunglasses?

Big sunglasses

What’s your favourite picnic food?

Courgette muffins with home grown courgettes.

Inside or outside in summer?

Both depending on the weather.

Siesta or keep going?

Nap anytime of year.

What’s your summer footwear of choice?

Tennis shoe style ballet pumps.

So that’s what summer is to me.

What are your favourite things are about summer?

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