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A litany of injuries

We’re all a mess

Everything hurts

Nobody sleeps

Bodily comfort is for the lucky

Large boy has been writing couplets and sets for a rap at school. I think he’d be utterly horrified with my spontaneous attempt at letting out my frustrations with our physical defects through the medium of Sunday morning poetry.

Well, himself had ankle surgery 2 weeks ago and then jetted off for work for a week. He’s still recovering, hence the sterile dressings in the picture.

I’ve got a sore knee and ran far too hard last Sunday: ibuprofen. Tried to run last Wednesday, it hurt. Then I tidied the front garden on Saturday and now my middle back is all twingy and sleeping is uncomfortable.

Large boy still has terrible leg pain, probably growing pains. Therefore, heat patches and painkillers that are needed at bedtime and then again in the night. His blood tests came back normal, which was excellent because I was starting to really worry. He’s still up in the night, most nights, needing pain killers or a leg stretch from himself. The doctor says to keep up his usual activities and has referred him for physio. I’m hoping that half term will give him a really good rest and his leg will start to feel better. Especially as he’s going on a 10 mile Scout hike in two weeks.

All in all, I’m just about managing life in general and not having much time for interacting with other people’s blogs, sorry. Fingers crossed we’re all back to normal soon.

Love from Smell xxx

12 thoughts on “A litany of injuries”

  1. Hope things return to normal soon and you’re all back in robust health! My very sporty husband has been suffering from a virus and various ailments for several weeks. Not fun for either of us! Thanks for linking.

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  2. So sorry that so much is hitting all at once!!!

    Question about the large boy’s probable growing pains. Obviously, not a doctor, but experienced excruciating deep leg pain, even in my toes in my younger years. I was an active youth/young teen. Drs dissed as growing pains, and due to my activeness. For me, ended up being (misdiagnosed) Lyme disease.

    Any other symptoms, like headaches, issues concentrating in school, fevers coming and going? Any recent bites of any type noticed? Really sorry to pry. Lyme testing is so iffy. 50/50 iffy. It is a clinical diagnosis, by a physician who is well versed beyond the 8hr seminar in Med school!

    I know… I am sharing way more info than you probably ever wanted offered on Lyme – ha! When I read “probably growing pains” that was an instant trigger for me!! So again, apologies if overstepping!💚🤩

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    1. Not overstepping, very much appreciate your thoughtfulness. No fevers or bites and ticks etc aren’t common here, especially in the cold weather. Waiting on physio referral but my dad thinks there’s a tightness in the back of his thigh. So hopefully some stretching will help.

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