home made burger, chips, tomato and coleslaw
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Making stuff 4: burgers

I think I’m about to discover that I’ve been a really lazy arse for, well, 8 yrs is as long as I’ve eaten red meat.

I planned to do burgers for tea tonight for me and himself. Went to Tesco, no normal burgers in the fresh aisle. Burgers with onions but none without. Venison burgers but they looked tiny.

Ah, I thought, it can’t be that difficult, I’ll make burgers.

I opened the BBC Good Food app on my phone and bingo. Ah. This is really simple. I need mince and an egg and seasoning. So I splashed out on Finest steak mince and that was dinner sorted for tonight once I’d got some brioche buns and coleslaw (yeah yeah how middle class can we get, at least there’s no quinoa).

The recipe is dead easy. Mushed up 250g mince and half an egg, seasoning. Into the fridge til I was ready to cook. Then a little oil in a frying pan.

I gave them 4 minutes each side aiming for medium done.

They came out pretty well. Himself said they need more seasoning though.

Hardly instagram pretty, but tastey and easy. With a bit of gin and pink lemonade as accompaniment of course.

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