Show offs vs confidence? Don’t be unfair

I've had thoughts that I've been trying to organise and turn into something readable for a while. I just can't quite figure out what I want to say. Anyway, the thing that sparked whatever thoughts have been swimming around my head was one of large boy's classmates. She's a bit of a delicate subject to… Continue reading Show offs vs confidence? Don’t be unfair

Unfair preconceptions
Children, Politics & Equality

Best brothers: unfair preconceptions

I've just seen this and it made me cross: Yeah yeah just a meme. Doesn't harm anyone. Blah blah. So from my point of view, these are the sort of low level, background messages that are just as harmful to children's perception of gender roles as girls/boys toy aisles and clothes and so on. What's… Continue reading Best brothers: unfair preconceptions