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Changes, disturbances, a whirlpool of disruption. Normal life a distant memory. Temporary solutions, barely getting by. Vacillating between the challenges and spinning all the plates, nothing's broken, yet. Whenever people have asked me "how's it going" lately, my response has been "there's a lot of life going on right now". If you follow my Instagram,… Continue reading Turmoil

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Pre-Christmas school-related grumpiness

Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have noticed a long rant about a school event and the totally dire communication about it from school and the PTA. But it's not just the official communication, it's also the attitude of some of the PTA. They assume that we can read between the lines and guess… Continue reading Pre-Christmas school-related grumpiness

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Sudden adjustments

As adults we're normally pretty able to readjust when things change suddenly. Today at almost the end of the afternoon I heard, out of the blue, that one of our release schedules has probably changed significantly something big changed. (Good thing this is anonymous cos I would likely get in quite a lot of trouble… Continue reading Sudden adjustments

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Manic mania day of chaos

Today has been one of those non stop crazy days with no pause or down time. Actually home side has been that chaotic but work hasn't been as bad as it could be. So husband has a long day away for work. Up and out at 5.30am, woke me up of course. He'll be back… Continue reading Manic mania day of chaos