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Making Stuff 17: Cocktails 2021

Last year's cocktails post seems long enough ago to start a new separate one with this year's recipes. I love a cocktail, but I rarely follow recipes though and enjoy making things up a bit as I go with little or no planning. So here are a few of my recent inventions... Rosalie I tried… Continue reading Making Stuff 17: Cocktails 2021

Home made pommes de terre Sarladais
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Making stuff 2: An Attempt at Replicating Holiday Food

One of the yummiest things we ate on holiday this year was pommes de terre Sarladais. They're amazing. Starch which is a good start. Waxy potatoes slow cooked and melt in the mouth, almost translucent. I decided to have a try myself. I thought they'd go well with Nigella's tarragon chicken. I found a recipe… Continue reading Making stuff 2: An Attempt at Replicating Holiday Food

Nutella waffles

Holiday 2019 D11

Quarter to 9, everyone else is still asleep. I woke an hour ago with work on my mind. Apparently 10 days is my limit, so I was wondering what's going on with my work wife. Then remembered how pissed off I am with a colleague for withholding information. It's that bloody work addiction again. Can't… Continue reading Holiday 2019 D11