Imperfect lupin with raindrops
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Different is Beautiful

Some time ago I wrote a post about beautiful imperfections. Recently, my thoughts are travelling along a similar path. There are some fairly well-defined traditional ideas about what is beautiful: blondeness, being thin with big boobs, sunny days, lush green grass, orange sunsets, spotless cars, rhyming words, clear skin, a straight nose, big blossoming flowers,… Continue reading Different is Beautiful


Achievement Unlocked

This is (yet another) post about running. This time though, running is just the example that applies to me and my life at the moment. A goal So here we go..... people often have bucket lists before big birthdays, or they set personal goals that they want to achieve, sometimes with a deadline and sometimes… Continue reading Achievement Unlocked

is it bullying
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Handling possibly-bullying

Bit of a parental pride one today. I was scrolling through Facebook on Sunday and came across this: I showed it to large boy see what he though and got a non-committal nod for my trouble. However, he must have been paying attention because yesterday had came out of after school club and as soon… Continue reading Handling possibly-bullying