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Effort rewarded

Large boy has been in Beavers for almost two years. Honestly, it's had a great effect on him. He's gained huge self confidence from being involved in activities away from parents and away from school. As a result, he's more confident with his class mates (especially good after he had some bumps on the road… Continue reading Effort rewarded

Unfair preconceptions
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Best brothers: unfair preconceptions

I've just seen this and it made me cross: Yeah yeah just a meme. Doesn't harm anyone. Blah blah. So from my point of view, these are the sort of low level, background messages that are just as harmful to children's perception of gender roles as girls/boys toy aisles and clothes and so on. What's… Continue reading Best brothers: unfair preconceptions

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Work Ethic and Respect

So this has been bugging me the last few days. There are two things intertwined in my head and I've not quite figured out what I think. The first is about respecting and crediting our colleagues. When someone contributes to something, make sure the team or the people who benefit know about it. Please! I… Continue reading Work Ethic and Respect