Imperfect lupin with raindrops
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Different is Beautiful

Some time ago I wrote a post about beautiful imperfections. Recently, my thoughts are travelling along a similar path. There are some fairly well-defined traditional ideas about what is beautiful: blondeness, being thin with big boobs, sunny days, lush green grass, orange sunsets, spotless cars, rhyming words, clear skin, a straight nose, big blossoming flowers,… Continue reading Different is Beautiful

Class of 2019 preschool graduation blackboard

Nursery graduation and such like. Part 2.

Yeah so nursery graduation was today. See part 1. With graduation came reports. I always find these disconcerting - there a big long lists of things that a child might or might not be able to do. Split into general areas and age-related measures. There are always loads of things that I see at home… Continue reading Nursery graduation and such like. Part 2.